Thursday, March 28, 2013

Post in response to Economist Article- A Sensitive Matter

There has been no net warming since 1997 with CO2 up 8+%. The earth entered a cooling trend in about 2003 which is likely to last 30 years and maybe for hundreds of years beyond that.The IPCC climate models on which the entire CO2 phobia depends were and are so badly structured as to be inherently useless for temperature prediction. Successive science advisors to the UK Government lacked the scientific judgement to point out the obvious flaws in the IPCC models and Britain's politicians lacked the common sense to realise that this AGW emperor had no clothes and embarked on an ecomomically suicidal climate and energy policy.

The current divergence betwen the IPCC fantasies and reality is no surprise to realists in the blogosphere.It is now clear that the climate sensitivity is 1 degree or even less and that the real danger to world food production will come from falling rather than rising temperatures.For the data and papers on which the assertions above are based see these posts on my blog

which when read in order provide a convenient and coherent story showing that a Global Cooling trend is underway which may cause serious economic dislocation in the decades immediately ahead.

6/18/10 Thirty Year Climate Forecast

7/19/12 30 Year Climate Forecast -2 year Update

10/30/12. Hurricane Sandy-Extreme Events and Global Cooling

11/18/12 Global Cooling Climate and Weather Forecasting

1/22/13 Global Cooling Timing and Amount

2/18/13 Its the Sun Stupid - the Minor Significance of CO2

in addition I would suggest that the modellers and the establishment scientists recalculate their climate sensitivity to CO2 in light of the Trenberth presentation at

This paper shows a strong natural negative feedback which has not been included in the IPCC- Met Office models and which independently of all the other evidence would necessarily substantially reduce model warming predictions

Here is a link to the Economist Article