Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Boxer - Kerry and Waxman - Markey bills represent the greatest threat that America's constitutional democracy has ever faced.
The almost non -existent Anthropogenic (CO2 caused) Global Warming has been used as a pretext to try to grab control of all economic activity in the country because congress will decide the price of all energy via the distribution of carbon credits to whomever contributes most to their campaign funds. Energy production will be diverted to so called "green " sources which are hopelessly uneconomic unless heavily subsidised.
If these bills pass, all private real estate will essentially cease to exist because Obama's climate police will decide the appraisal value of all real estate and thus control the sales price of everyone's home. Any alterations or improvements will have to be approved by government inspectors.
A vast bureaucracy will be created to run this virtual totalitarian police state run for the benefit of the congress and whichever corporations or special interests pay them the most.
Since my first post in January 2009 , solar activity has continued to be virtually non-existent making it more and more likely that the earth is entering a 20 - 30 year cool spell during which crop production would be seriously reduced at a time of increasing population. Obama's policies of CO2 reduction would exacerbate this problem and worsen the worldwide food shortages which might well occur if the cooling actually develops.
The main stream media are aiding and abetting this coup-in some cases , e.g. NBC, because they are controlled by a company - General Electric which has spent millions on lobbying in order to benefit from the bill or because of the political (Socialist - world government ) agenda of its leaders e.g . BBC.
It is essential that the grass roots of working middle America become informed about this looming threat and come together to speak out and stop this takeover by a kleptocratic and self appointed elite who plan to be the rulers of this Corporate Socialist state .