Sunday, November 14, 2010

EPA Emissions Guidelines

Texas has rightly refused to revise its permitting rules for power plants and large industrial plants to include CO2 as required by new EPA guidelines. These guidelines are the thin end of the wedge by which the ultra left Obama Administration is attempting to ultimately control essentially all US economic activity by using the UN - IPCC anthropogenic CO2 global warming hypothesis as a means to scare the citizenry into giving up their economic freedom and creating essentially a socialist economy.

There is no evidence or empirical data that anthropogenic CO2 will cause damaging climate change in the foreseeable future. In fact the Hadley Center (UK) Sea Surface Temperature data show that warming peaked in 2003. The earth is now in a natural cooling phase controlled by declining Solar activity for at least the next 30 years.

The EPA policy is based on the 2007 IPCC AR4 Summary for Policy Makers. This was a political document and was written before the Science section of the same report on which it was supposedly founded . Most of the predicted disasters are based on climate models.Even the Modelers themselves say that thy do not make predictions . The models produce projections or scenarios which are no more accurate than the assumptions,algorithms and data , often of poor quality,which were put into them. In reality they are no more than expensive drafting tools to produce power point slides to illustrate the ideas and prejudices of their creators. The IPCC science section AR4 WG1 section 8.6.4 deals with the reliability of the climate models .This IPCC science section on models concludes:

"Moreover it is not yet clear which tests are critical for constraining the future projections,consequently a set of model metrics that might be used to narrow the range of plausible climate change feedbacks and climate sensitivity has yet to be developed"

What could be clearer. The IPCC itself says that we don't even know what metrics to put into the models to test their reliability.- i.e. we don't know what future temperatures will be and we can't yet calculate the climate sensitivity to anthropogenic CO2.This also begs a further question of what mere assumptions went into the "plausible" models to be tested anyway. Nevertheless this statement was ignored by the political hacks who produced the Summary. Here predictions of disaster were illegitimately given "with high confidence." in complete contradiction to several sections of the WG1 science section where uncertainties and error bars were discussed. These doomsday scenarios were then seized upon by the main stream media , talking heads and chattering classes and above all by those Western Politicians who saw them as a wonderful tool for grabbing economic control and central government power for themselves.
The Waxman - Markey bill showed where these ideas would lead. Government climate police disguised as real estate appraisers would decide all real property evaluations based on Federal climate control based rules. The price and mix of all energy and thus all goods and services would be determined by the government to achieve whatever objectives it saw fit. Truly an Orwellian Brave New World.
Britain and Europe are well on the way to creating this nightmare state.The new U.S Congress must strip the EPA administrators of their clearly unconstitutional authority and return such dictatorial powers to the elected reprentatives of the people. Governor Perry and Texas must stand firm for freedom economic liberty and data based science.

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